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100 Days of Human Landscapes

HumanLandscapes is an ode to all the beautiful humans who form the landscapes of my world. This series celebrates reality and fantasy, inspired by the people of my life, the landscapes I explore, and the magic that makes us so very human.

Living in New York City is an endless reminder and catalyst for this project; the countless people each in her own universe, with her own story. How do we encourage one another to share our stories, to be more compassionate and understanding, so that we can learn to love more? 


A project that started in 2011, HumanLandscapes has evolved as the environments around me shift and change. The series started to become the “default” in my art, instead of an opportunity to deepen important relationships in my life, or provide an excuse to seek out new connections. 

Like most of my work, the images came first. Figures flowed into one another, forming the peaks of mountains and dips of valleys. As the drawings continued, the concept grew and developed. Today the driving force has become trying to understand the people I connect with consciously, subconsciously, and unconsciously. The energies of these humans flow in and out of one another; into my mind, onto the paper, out of my soul. Who are all they? How do we connect? 


#100daysofHumanLandscapes was a challenge myself to see where these humans would take me. Often I felt a slave to the project, yet looking back, it’s beyond satisfying to see how the landscapes developed and took shape over time. Even more special was the unexpected encouragement and support from all of you beautiful humans who followed along on the journey. 

Your love and excitement have been completely humbling and inspiring. I’m forever grateful for those in my life that dare me to open my soul, to seek acceptance for the life we're given, and embrace the possibilities our futures hold.